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GoMe IRC Chat

Welcome to our Chat Room.

Feel free to join the conversations that are taking place; just choose a nickname (no apostrophes allowed!) and connect!

If you want to connect to the IRC channel using an external Client:

  • connect to channel #GoMe
  • if you want to connect at the same time to the GoW channel and to our channel use for connecting to both (#GoMe and #writers)

New to IRC? Here are some commands to get you started:

  • /help Display help.
  • /clear Clear the chat output in this channel.
  • /nick [nick] Change your nickname.
  • /msg [nick] [message] Send a private message.
  • /join [channel name] Join another channel.
  • /whois [nick] Find out all manner of things about someone.
  • /me [text] Emote.
  • /away [message] Set your status to away.
  • /back Set your status to back.

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